Xeriscaping to be in Phnom Penh?

As much as I concern, Phnom Penh city has many public parks but none of them use xeriscaping technique. So what is xeriscaping, you ask? Xeriscaping (often incorrectly spelled zero-scaping or xeroscaping) is landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. Don’t bother look at wikipedia because I copied the definition from that. Anyway, the reason why I bring this xeriscaping up because I am bothered with Phnom Penh’s public parks. They are rather boring, filthy, smelly, and consume a lot of water. Oh yeah I almost forget to put a picture for you to see the beauty of xeriscaping.

Link to this image.


Beautiful, is it? If your answer is no then I must say that you have a traditional mind of traditional gardening which uses turf grass. Do you know that turf grass can use up to 3 times as much as trees? Yeah! the traditional gardening uses, I should say ”waste”, a lot of water. Again! The traditiontal gardening wastes a lot of water also it needs fertilizers, and lawn mower to trim it. On the other hand, xeriscaping has many benefits over the traditional gardening.

  • Save water
  • Need less maintenace
  • No fertiliszer or pesticide need
  • Improve urban landscape
  • Pollution free
  • less cost to maintenance

Despite those benefits, it also has many draw back too.

  • Most people just couldn’t accept the fact that xeriscaping is better than turf, and flowers
  • Some plants that consume less water have thorns or serrated edges so they are bad for your pet, your kids and you
  • Less turf for sporting; I am talking about kids play football on grass
  • And the cost of setting it up is no cheap

Well, it is not cheap but it is a long term investment and it saves water which means it saves your money too.

Just trees and turf grass.
Boring landscaping!

Look at Phnom Penh public parks here! they are badly designed and badly maintenanced. Moreover, a few parts of public parks are used for urination just like India; people just piss everywhere and whenever they need to go.

Prime Minister of Cambodia is watering a public park in Phnom Penh.


Mr. Prime Minister Hun Sen wouldn’t had to water those plants if we have exeriscape so he could happily jog further and be healtheir.


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